American football is a powerful and tough game that requires rigorous observe and strength. This is North America’s biggest and popular game. The recognition of this game is increasing day by day worldwide. The game tests the player’s strength of muscle, stamina, mental toughness, speed, and power. The sport is mainly played men however in recent times even women have emerged and have been showing interest in this game. In the USA it is also known as gridiron as markings are made on the ground. It is like soccer and rugby football where the ball is kicked by foot to the goal or carries it with hand until the goal line. The game is quite complex and must be played by strategy. An American football field is hundred yards long and one hundred sixty yards wide. The end zones are approx. 20 yards in length each. The teams are divided into three groups’ namely attacking, defense and special team players that are responsible for kicking and punting.

Objective and Rules of American football: – The main objective or purpose of playing this game is moving the ball with the foot towards and into another’s end zone to earn more points than the opposite team in the specified time. 6 points are earned if the team successfully moves the football into another team’s end zone which is known as a touchdown. One extra point is gained when the football is kicked through the field goal posts along with a touchdown and 3 points are gained if only the football is kicked through the field goal posts. When the defensive team manages to tackle the attacking team in their own end zone, they get two points. A yellow line is shown on the screen to which the ball has to be moved which is called first down. Whenever a team has control over the ball they get 4 chances to move the ball 10 yards ahead and each team gets this chance. If the team is not able to make the first down the possession of the ball goes to the opposite team. The game lasts for four 15 minute quarters. There is a 2-minute break between the first and second quarters and the third and fourth quarters. A 15-minute break is given between the second and third quarters.

Team: – Quarterback is the main person of the team and his job is to move the ball down the field to the other teammates. But while the ball is moving and a pass is caught by another team, the control goes to them. When the control of the ball is gone by dropping it, it is called fumble and whoever picks it up he gets the control of the ball. There are 22 players in all on the field and each team has 11 players. Every player has to play the game else they won’t be able to execute it.
If there is a tie between the teams, an additional quarter is played till a winner comes up.