American comedian shocker (Shiggy) started the Kiki challenge. The dance challenge went viral all over the world and is based on Drakes hit song “in my feelings”. It is also known as “in my feelings” challenge as per the lyrics of the song. After planking, came Nae Nae and now Kiki Kiki which is a new trend making rounds on the internet which is considered to be equally disastrous and dangerous as it could lead to accidents.

The Kiki challenge video shows that the participants come out of the moving car and start dancing to the tune of the hit song “in my feelings” from the album Scorpion. They leave the car door open while they are dancing beside a slow-moving vehicle. The craze started when American comedian shaggy posted on Instagram his dance moves and many participants took up the challenge. NO doubt this craze made the song to the top number one.
The name Kiki got its name by the lyrics of the song that says “Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? It was started by comedian shocker (Shiggy) wearing a tracksuit where he jogged to the tunes of the song keeping the car door open. Are you driving in the song is showed as pretending to drive a car and Kiki do you love me is shown by making the heart with hands. The trend was born out of this dance move however there seems no coming out of the moving car in the video by shiggy. Ciara, will smith, K-Pop star, J-Hope, and drake himself are some of the singers and celebrities who did these moves in their separate videos. Other singers like Millie bobby and Noah Shanapp have also done the same act.

As per the challenge that went viral, the participant has to jump out of the slow-moving vehicle perform the dance move or act and then get back into the car again. This has turned out to be a dangerous game and several casualties have also been reported in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, UP, Jaipur, etc. a warning has been given against the challenge in countries like India, the Spain, US, UAE, etc. Participants found doing such acts will be fined as that might cause serious damages. There are cases wherein a Russian singer got hurt by the car door while another girl got into severe injuries. Three Arab countries have banned the Kiki challenge officially for its dangerous consequences. There are videos where we can find people banging on the poles, falling, going down in the potholes, etc. while there is a video where a man gets hit by a car while dancing. People do this to get likes and shares on social media.

There are many risks associated with it as the same car might run over the participant during the act. The young crowd is more inclined towards taking risks and performing such deadly acts as a challenge. Such acts are obstacles for other car drivers hence such stunts must not be encouraged